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The treasures of Oplonti, never seen in Italy, on tour in the United States – From “Il Giornale dell’Arte”

Torre Annunziata miss the museum, promised for decades, in which expose them

by Tina Lepri , online edition, 16th June 2014

Torre Annunziata (Naples). The treasures of the ancient Oplonti have always been unseen closed in the deposits and now they are about to leave for a tour of two years in the United States.

In Torre Annunziata still there isn’t the Archaeological Museum, which should accommodate them and that was promised for decades. Even today in the former railway station of the Vesuvian town, where it was expected that the museum was set up after the renovation of the premises, on a tattered cartel reads: “Oplonti Gold Treasurers Archaeological Museum of Torre Annunziata UNESCO World Heritage Site. Opening on May 2005 ‘….

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