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14-25 September, 2015
Chengdu, China

SACH, State Administration of Cultural Heritage, China
CACH, Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage
ICCROM International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property


While the number of collections and museums are growing exponentially, an ICCROM  survey (2010) indicated that world-wide, 60% of collections are at risk because of overcrowding and poor storage conditions. In this situation, museums cannot ensure the protection of their assets, nor use them for research or education. Furthermore, in case of emergency, no sound response can be implemented. In order to assist the smaller museums worldwide to address this situation, ICCROM and UNESCO developed Re-Org, a step-by-step methodology ( The focus of Re-Org is on making improvements to existing storage areas, and not on planning and building new facilities.


With this two-week workshop, you will become familiar with the Re-Org methodology. Working in team in a real museum context, you will practice every step, from preparation to condition assessment, planning and implementation of the storage re-organization project. You will consider the building and space, the collections type and vulnerability, the storage furniture and equipment, and the collections management procedures. At the end, you will propose ideas to share the project outcomes with the local community. During the workshop, time will be allocated for you to work on your Re-Org project for your museum.


25% of the workshop consists of lectures and exercises; the rest of the time is dedicated to the practical implementation of the methodology in real museum storage. Special attention will be given to teamwork and communication skills to encourage participative processes, knowledge sharing and community involvement. Three months after the workshop, you can send ICCROM your Re-Org project for advice and validation. The working language will be English.

1) Do you work for a small to medium-sized museum that is in need of a storage reorganization project?
2) Are you a director, conservator, collections manager or technician, curator, registrar, archivist, or an external professional working for this museum?
3) Is there at least a colleague in the museum/institution who could team with you after the workshop to prepare and implement your museum Re-Org project?
4) Is your museum/the institution committed to the project?
If you answered “YES” to all the above questions, you can apply!

There is no tuition fee for this course.
Accommodation and meals, as well as local transportation are covered by SACH, the State Administration for cultural heritage, China
Participants will be responsible for their round trip travel costs to and from Chengdu (China). A number of travel grants are available.


By 5 June 2015, candidates must submit to the following documents:
– Application form at:
– A letter of interest from your museum/the institution where you will implement your storage reorganization project after the workshop
– Maximum 5 pictures/sketches illustrating the problems in your storage with a brief description of the situation
– The self-assessment tool for museum storage duly filled in


Application deadline is 5 June 2015






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