About Us


In 2013 it was established in Rome the Association RESTORERS WITHOUT BORDERS. Institutional purpose of the organization is to give a concrete contribution to the culture of the Conservation, the Protection and Promotion of Cultural Heritage in Italy and in the world.RESTORERS WITHOUT BORDERS was founded on the initiative of a group of Italian conservators – restorers who put their wide experience at the service of the World Heritage Conservation. Bring large and diversified expertise of the Italian Conservation beyond national borders, exporting the best professionals of the sector to support the development of a culture of conservation in each country, working in a spirit of solidarity between peoples: this is the mission of RESTORERS WITHOUT BORDERS.


The Organization will manage the planning, funding and implementation of national and international initiatives for the protection and preservation of the world’s artistic heritage, historical monuments and all tangible signs of past civilizations, invaluable assets for today nations.

In Italy, the activities that will be held by RSF in the areas of protection, promotion and enhancement of the artistic – historical heritage, the landscape and the environment, will have both social and economic goals. Also by promoting activities to improve the productive potential of the extended cultural heritage which could be finally revealed as one of the main resources of the Country, thanks to a touristic industry implementation.For RESTORERS WITHOUT BORDERS preservation and conservation are essential missions and virtues that will be applied through assistance and volunteering.

RSF therefore intends to collaborate with national and international institutional observers in those areas where cultural heritage appears at risk, focusing on the key points and on the most critical situations. The Collaboration can take many forms, concrete restoration intervention, education of specialized operators in preservation and quick response to safeguard areas at risk, museums in preparation for announced natural disasters or war sceneries foretold, make safe the most important works. In cooperation and coordination with the major humanitarian and civil defense organizations, RESTORERS WITHOUT BORDERS strives to increase the effectiveness of protection of cultural heritage in the world, providing high competence and timeliness.


RSF will fight to spread essential but regularly disobeyed assumptions such as those stated by the Second Protocol of the Hague Convention: “The Parties to a conflict must ensure the immunity of cultural property under enhanced protection by refraining from making it the object of attack or from any use of the property or its immediate surroundings in support of military action. To this end the Second Protocol provides criminal sanctions in case of violation of this immunity or other serious violation of its provisions”.

In the risk areas it will be promote actions that aim to educate workers about protection and emergency services for the protection of an area, specific monuments, museums, in preparation or as a result of natural disasters or war scenarios foretold, interacting with other organizations involved and sending on the field conservatives / restorers and specialized technical personnel in the field of the protection and maintenance of cultural heritage. The presence of adequate national and international professionals will be a distinctive feature of the activities of RSF and will contribute to the preservation of the World Heritage and to the socio-cultural development of the populations involved, also through the training of local human resources.


Arts Culture Solidarity: this is the slogan of RSF, which places at the center of its activities, the value of culture, dignity and human well-being. RSF aims to involve local people in maintenance and enhancement, developing the skills and capabilities of individuals and communities, avoiding the continuous dependence on external aid, promoting dialogue, discussion and participation. RSF is sensitive to the balance of political, religious and social needs of the countries in which it operates; RSF shall implement, where is possible, actions to promote and uphold the values ​​of reconciliation, respect, recognition of diversity and peaceful coexistence.

RSF is Open to all those person who feel they can contribute with their experience, their training or simply for patronage, and  it is of course dedicated  to all restorers, from the most experts to the most willing, RESTORERS WITHOUT BORDERS is on hand for all those who have spent forces, voice and energy on building sites, in institutions, in the courts, through books, media and newspapers.

RSF is addressed to all those who aspire with imagination and dedication to protect the culture and love its most tangible and unrepeatable manifestations, RESTORERS WITHOUT BORDERS will act as a powerful tool of expression and participation.


is therefore on the one hand volunteer and on the other claim of rights / duties of those peoples and class of persons, firstly restorers, who recognize themselves in thought, words and deed made ​​by Cesare Brandi and successfully developed by many other persons. These include not only experts as conservative / restorers but also archaeologists, historians, architects, engineers, scientists, professionals, lawyers, politicians, legislators and all those whose DNA the ethics of protection is the genetic code that indicates the direction and inform the daily actions.

Rome, 4 February 2014.