The vision

Restorers Without Borders promotes the preservation of art and cultural heritage involving, even in the form of volunteer, restoration and conservation professionals , each one highly specialized in specific areas.

The presence in national and international territories of adequate professionals – also through the training of local human resources – will be a distinctive feature of the activities of the association and will contribute to the preservation of the World Heritage and to the socio-cultural development of the populations involved.

The association is open, by its nature, to all those who feel they can contribute with their experience, training,  for patronage or for pure vocation.


The mission

Restorers Without Borders is a non-profit  association working for the purpose of social utility in the field of Cultural Heritage preservation.

The aims are:

To promote the search for funding sources in aid of the statute activities in order to guarantee the association financial balance, both through volunteer contributions and public or private funding, to the benefit of its projects.

To work by means of combined project methods and to manage emergencies with a mobilization and volunteer thinking.

To realize protection interventions of the cultural and artistic heritage, both in national and international territories.

To verify expertise and abilities of those professionals who will be helpful  and to realize local training courses  to upgrade, where necessary, the competences of operators to be engaged in the projects.

To supervise the planned activities on the strength of a database of all professionals and human resources obtained, together with their value, considering expertise typology and territorial distribution, as well as  the availability in case of emergency, based on selective criteria provided by the Association Rules.