At Rho (Milan) the Restoration of the fountain of Villa Burba is entrusted to the prisoners-if we end up in jail maybe we would work?

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Rho, June 16th, 2014 –  Prisoners from the Prison of Bollate are working for the restoration of the fountain in Villa Burba at Rho. The Municipality has entrusted the work to the Cooperative Transgression, which has operated for decades in the Milan prisons with rehabilitation and social reintegration projects.  The Cooperative has to work on the maquillage of the central fountain placed in […]

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The treasures of Oplonti, never seen in Italy, on tour in the United States – From “Il Giornale dell’Arte”

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Torre Annunziata miss the museum, promised for decades, in which expose them by Tina Lepri , online edition, 16th June 2014 Torre Annunziata (Naples). The treasures of the ancient Oplonti have always been unseen closed in the deposits and now they are about to leave for a tour of two years in the United States. In Torre Annunziata still there […]

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Steve MacCurry: the rights of the artist for the restoration of the Raphael of San Severo in Perugia

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Perugia, June 13 2014 – “Steve McCurry has decided to give up his rights both on ticket and catalogs sales and donate the proceeds to the restoration of the fresco by Raphael located in the Chapel of San Severo in Perugia”: it was announced by the president of the Umbria Region, Catiuscia Marini during the […]

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A digital geo-located archive to monitor the health status of Historical and Artistic Heritage

RSF Italy is developing on its website, a section that will give the opportunity to all operators who choose to become members of the association, to report in the own costumer area, both in Italy and abroad,  archaeological sites, monuments and art works in need of intervention, but also cultural goods which are considered […]

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RSF is addressed to all those who aspire  to protect the culture and enjoy its most tangible manifestations, Restorers Without Borders will arise as a means of expression and participation. Three good reasons to join the association are: –      RSF wants to contribute to export abroad Italian Restoration, taking part in international projects dealing with […]

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Detaching mural paintings. The transport of wall paintings in the history of Italian restoration

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MAR – Ravenna Museum of Art – until 15 June 2014. An exhibition traces the history and fortune of a controversial technique, the detachment, which was purely Italian. Investigating the phenomenon from Pompeii to Tiepolo.
The exhibition “The Charm of the Fresco. Detached Masterpieces from Pompeii to Giotto, from Correggio to Tiepolo” brings to Ravenna 110 works from our rich mural heritage. Here is told the italian story of the “strappo” technique, fully developed between the eighteenth and nineteenth century, but practiced since the time of the Roman Empire.

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From the newspaper Corriere della Sera: “Schools for restorers, students super-specialized but without title”

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They are about to graduate. Or maybe not. They are students of the schools of higher education and study (SAFS) of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, established in 2010, since then they are waiting for the recognition as universities: is only missing one signature, the one from the Minister of Education together with the Minister of Cultural Heritage, but is slow in coming.

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MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION TO RSF ARE OPEN – professionality in the web to give value to the Italian Conservation

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Membership to RSF Italy is useful primarily to support the Association that in the near future will be involved in the enhancement of nationally and internationally historical – artistic heritage . The application form will consist firstly in data entry of personal information and contacts.  Once the user has been approved by the organs of the […]

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After having listed and analyzed one by one the major existing externalities , which together could undermine the equal development of the destination, it is obliged to draw up a list of strategies and policies to be adopted (in part 3) to ensure that these locations can develop following the example of eco-friendly models (DAT) ensuring residents a consistently high standard of living without damaging the environment in any way…

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RSF sarà presente al Salone di Ferrara con un suo Stand, dove potrà accogliere il pubblico e dare tutte le spiegazioni sulle finalità e le prossime attività dell’Associazione. Nello stand saranno accolti tutti coloro che vorranno procedere con l’iscrizione on-line all’associazione. Il giorno venerdì 28 marzo alle ore 16,30 RSF terrà un convegno nella Sala D. Il […]

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