At Rho (Milan) the Restoration of the fountain of Villa Burba is entrusted to the prisoners-if we end up in jail maybe we would work?

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Rho, June 16th, 2014 – 

Prisoners from the Prison of Bollate are working for the restoration of the fountain in Villa Burba at Rho. The Municipality has entrusted the work to the Cooperative Transgression, which has operated for decades in the Milan prisons with rehabilitation and social reintegration projects.  The Cooperative has to work on the maquillage of the central fountain placed in the entrance courtyard of the historic Villa Burba. The works of restoration, followed by the architect Vittorina Bertuolo, will last until July 30 and will also cover a limestone statue located in the garden of the villa. The total amount of the project is € 22,000.


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