Cucciolla: “Mess in the Old Bari, the Soprintendence hasn’t supervised”

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From “La Repubblica” – 29th August, 2014

By Francesca Russi

The architect and university professor: “We have arrived to a number of 30 associations and committees that have joined the battle. To enhance the area we need to relieve traffic”

THERE ARE the professor and the worker, the employee and the student, the banker and the architect. Different levels of education, different languages ​​and heterogeneous political training. They share the same goal: the defense of the common good. The very diverse committee, which met around the battle against the construction of dell’eco – monster in miniature on the waterfront of Old Bari, is ready to reclaim the city and to give its opinion about urban development. A very technical matter but that does not scare the citizens. Is convinced the architect Arturo Cucciolla, a real historical memory of Bari and member of the Committee for the Park of the castle.

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