Alberta Campitelli

Art Historian - Superintendence of Rome

Postgraduate Degree in Art History – Degree as Archivist and Paleographer

Art historian , author of several books and studies on the Villas of Rome and Lazio , she organizes and looks after historical and artistic exhibitions, as well as conferences on the subject, she also takes part in international conferences, she has been a fellow of the Gardens’ Studies Center at Harvard University, Washington. She teaches lessons and seminars in Italian and foreign universities . In 2007  she was elected as member of the Management of ICOM Italy , UNESCO organization taking care of Museums and since 2006 she has been representative for Italy at ICOMOS IFLA , another organization responsible for selecting UNESCO World Heritage sites in the field of gardens and landscaping. She is on the board of the American Academy as well as  in the Scientific Committee for the restoration of gardens of Villa Medici, Palazzo Barberini and Wilanów ( Warsaw). She has edited and directed several restoration projects in the villas of Rome and opened four museums to the public.

Official of the City of Rome , art historian at the UO Medieval and Modern Monuments of the Superintendence . As head of the district Ripa, Sant’Angelo , Campitelli and Pigna , she has conceived the project of the Historical Museum of the Tiber Island , supported by an international scientific committee , and prepared a study on the industrial district Ostiense identifying the values ​​to be preserved. As head of the X Municipality she has prepared a guide concerning the archaeological , historical and architectural features of the area and carried out several activities with schools, social and productive areas( Fatme and Cinecittà ) . She was a member of the Scientific Committee for the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the birth of Raphael ( 1483-1983 ) , looking after exhibitions and catalogs. – CITY OF ROME

Manager at U.O. Villas and Historical Parks of extended  territorial sectors including Villa Borghese, Villa Torlonia, the Pincio, Villa Mazzanti , Savoie Villa Ada , Villa Leopardi, Villa Mercede , etc. In this role, she organized the first international conference on the issues of knowledge , conservation and management of historic villas , held in 1985, in collaboration with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage. She has made a complete survey of the property in the municipal sector , started and directed restorations in Villa Torlonia , Villa Borghese and many smaller villas , sponsored studies and research for the enhancement of the municipal cultural heritage – CITY OF ROME

She has coordinated a group of 50 art historians, archaeologists and architects who had been entrusted the different territorial areas . She has organized international conferences  as ” Villas and Gardens of the century ” “Villa Borghese : history and management,” with the related published proceedings . She represented the Roman Superintendence at  Italian and foreign institutions . In 2003 she was appointed by Mayor Walter Veltroni with the coordination of events in the occasion of the centenary of the opening to the public of Villa Borghese. – CITY OF ROME

From 2006 to 2013 she won a public competition , with honors , and was appointed Director of Cultural Heritage, and went on to direct the U.O Villas and Historical Parks , in continuity with the previous assignments . She helped to promote restoration , divulgation and knowledge of cultural heritage through publications and participation in national and international conferences . She has designed, built and currently directs the Museum – House of the Owls in Villa Torlonia, 1997, and the Museum of the Casino dei Principi in Villa Torlonia, 2002 – Museum of the Casino Nobile in Villa Torlonia, 2006- Carlo Bilotti Museum in Villa Borghese, 2006- Museum of the Roman School in Villa Torlonia , 2007 By Order of the Mayor 129 of 13 June 2013 was appointed interim director of the Office of Purpose MACRO . – CITY OF ROME