Daniela Esposito

Architect - Director of the School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape Heritage at the

Architect, specialist in conservation of monuments she has a PhD in Conservation of Architectural Heritage, since 2011 she is  professor in the scientific sector ICAR/19 (Restoration), at the Faculty of Architecture (Department of History, Design and Restoration of Architecture at the “Sapienza” University of Rome).

Since December 2013 she is Director of the School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape Heritage  at “Sapienza” University of Rome. She teaches “Constructive characters  of historic buildings and conservation problems” for the bachelor  in “Architectural Science” and “Insights of the history of building techniques” for the School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape  Heritage (formerly School of Specialization in Monuments Conservation  ) in Rome. She  is a member of the Academic Board of the PhD in History of Architecture and Conservation of the Department of History, Architecture Design and Conservation  (“Sapienza” University of Rome) and of the Research Committee of the University. Former coordinator of the Bachelor in Architectural Sciences, she is currently Chairman of the Education Board of ​​Sciences of Landscape and Architecture (“Sapienza” University of Rome). She is a member of the Centre for the History of Architecture in Rome and of the Company of homeland history in Rome.  She carries out her research activities around the theoretical aspects of conservation and the study of historical and historical-technical built, the operating procedures, criteria and standards that govern the conservation interventions on it. She is the author of contributions in the field of conservation and architectural history, in particular on issues about late antique and medieval architecture, relating to the conservation of the architectural surface finishes, preservation legislation, historical centers, landscape and the history of building techniques. She is engaged in designing and consulting in the field of architectural conservation.