Eugenio Mancinelli

Restorer of Cultural Heritage- former Chief Restorer ICRuratore - già Capo Restauratore ICR

Restorer, established member of the Central Institute for Restoration in Rome from 1957 to 1997. Chief restorer I.C.R. since 1975, he has been teaching theoretical and practical training in the High School of the Central Institute for Restoration from 1968 to 1997, with direct responsibility for didactic building sites (painted area). He has assumed many international assignments  in Turkey, Iceland, Libya, Algeria, China, Germany, Jordan. He provides training courses  funded by the Lazio Region and the Province of Rome providing theoretical activity and intership in construction sites or in specialists conservation laboratories. Since 1998 he works as a consultant for the most prestigious building sites belonging to professionals and companies operating in the conservation field (in particular with the C.S.R. Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Rome).