Giancarlo Lanterna

Chemist - Chemistry Director at OPD in Florence.

Graduated in Chemistry at the University of Florence, from 1983 he works at the Scientific Laboratory of Opificio delle Pietre Dure (OPD) in Florence where he is Chemistry  Director and Coordinator. He directs the Laboratory of Chemistry 1 dealing especially with analysis of art materials and their state of preservation.

He is co-director of the annual bulletin ” OPD Restauro ” published by Centro Di in Florence.

He was a member of the Commission UNI – Normal , chemistry Working Group 3 and was one of the drafters of the ” Special contract document for Cultural Heritage ” , written up by the Commission itself .

He is professor of chemical, diagnostic and analytical topics related to the field of conservation at the School of Advanced Studies OPD, he taught  in several professional and refresher courses for restorers of public and private administrations , in Tuscany and other Italian regions. He attended numerous seminars and lectures as speaker on topics of science and restoration at scientific faculties of several Italian universities , he was Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna , Siena, Pisa and SUPSI in Lugano.

He is the author and co-author of over 90 publications in the field of applied science in restoration , both in the general principles and individual works , as well as educational and informative topics . His collaboration is mentioned in several books in the field of conservation .