Mounir Bouchenaki

Archaeologist - Director of the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage

Mounir Bouchenaki   is presently Director of the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage based in Bahrain.

He was elected Director-General of ICCROM  from   March 2006  to  31 December 2011.

His appointment at ICCROM followed a career of 25 years at UNESCO, where he was successively Chief of Section for operational activities (1982 – 1990), Director of the Division of Cultural Heritage (1991 – 1998), Director of the World Heritage Centre (1998 – 2000)   Assistant Director-General for Culture from December 2000 to  February  2006.

In his own country, Algeria, Mr. Bouchenaki was Curator of the archaeological site and museum  of Tipasa, then Chief Curator and   Director of Antiquities, Museums and Historic Monuments in the Algerian Ministry of Culture and Information from 1966  to 1981.

He  holds a Ph.D. in archaeology and ancient history from the Humanities and  Arts. He  published several books and articles on ancient history of Algeria and on safeguarding of Cultural Heritage in UNESCO publications.

He  is  currently  Special Advisor to  ICCROM and Special Advisor for Cultural Heritage to  UNESCO.