Roberto Petriaggi

Archaeologist - formerly Director of Underwater Archaeology Operations Team ISCR

Roberto Petriaggi is an Italian archaeologist and scuba diver. From 1978 to 2010 he worked at the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities. He has served at various Italian archaeological Superintendencies and at the Technical Service for Underwater Archaeology (STAS).  As Underwater Archaeologist, he has conducted researches and underwater archaeological campaigns in Italy and abroad, particularly in Yemen, Oman and Libya. He was also in charge of the Museum of the Roman Ships at Fiumicino. In 1997 he created the Underwater Archaeological Operations Unit (NIAS), at the Institute for the Conservation and Restoration (ISCR, formerly ICR), which he directed until the end of his career in the Ministry (2010). For the ISCR has also worked as a professor at the School of Higher Education for the teaching of the restoration and has directed major restoration works, among which is remarkable the Dancing Satyr of Mazara del Vallo. From 2002 to 2009, he has also been adjunct professor of Underwater Archaeology at the University of “Roma Tre”. From 2001 to 2010 he was planner and director of the “Restoring Underwater Project” concerning underwater restoration works at various submerged archaeological sites and, above all, at the Baiae Underwater Archaeological Park, Naples . He’s the author of numerous papers and monographs and, since 2004, is the Editor of Archaeologia Maritima Mediterranea, International journal of studies and research on underwater archeology published by Fabrizio Serra ( He currently works with the Mission in Libya of the University “Roma Tre” and he is also consultant for the ISCR Project Restoring Underwater, and for the University of Calabria Project “COMAS – Planned Conservation in situ of underwater archaeological artefacts”.